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Big Orange Club of Birmingham Birmingham Alabama Chapter of the University of Tennessee National Alumni Association

Fall Kick Off Meeting - August 11, 2016

This football season is upon us. I expect us to have a lot of pressure to preform, but we have the horses to run the track. We will have our Kickoff Meeting August 11, 2016.

I am excited to have Former UT running back Gerald Riggs, Jr. speak to our group on Thursday August 11 at 6pm at Southern Legacy BBQ & Brew for our 2016 Kickoff Meeting. Gerald has been around the program recently and can give us insight as to how we are moving forward to get back to greatness. Please send any questions you would like answered by Gerald to

If you registered for the May meeting and would like to attend please email me at the above address, thanks. Please register online by August 9th at the link below: